Why Choose Absolut?

It's a fair question, and I can think of 3 reasons:

  1. We have a team that's passionate about quality of product & service we provide!
  2. We use state-of-the-art CNC machinery to fabricate precise countertops consistently.
  3. 25 CHILDREN. Yes, we are a family-owned business, and employ workers who pay for piano lessons, soccer shoes, bikes, college, and diapers for our kids. We spend our days working hard so that our kids will have a future here in Kelowna, and we appreciate your patronage very much!



I remember when my brother and I started this business over a decade ago. We watched the market price of granite countertops drop by over 25% in the first 2 years. In a declining market, we competed against the best CNC fabricators in town at the time – by hand. We had to innovate, and work hard to match quality and price. We converted our whole shop to a wet-polish environment, installed bridge cranes and lifters to make it easier and safer or our artisans to handle the stone countertops. We bought our first CNC fabrication center over 5 years ago with digital templating and digital nesting capabilities - and it has taken us to a new level of quality and consistency that we feel is a major key to our fabricating success. Every day, we watch machinery do what we used to do by hand – our best and fastest polishers can't cut out a sink or polish as consistently and perfectly as a CNC... it is a thing of beauty.

Machines, however, are only as good as the people running them. We are proud of the fact that many of the employees that started with us in the hand-fabricating days many years ago, are still with us today. Some of those people, we have trained to program and run CNC machinery, others are the faces you see when you come into our showroom, or onsite to measure and template. And still others are part of the grand finale: the big and courteous fellows that lift and place the carefully fabricated countertops into your home. Our people are what make us who we are – we are proud of what we have done and are excited about what the future holds for our team at Absolut!

We are proud to work with many award-winning builders who have won numerous awards throughout the years. The reward of seeing the excitement of a customer when they have their new kitchen tops installed is something that makes this journey worthwhile.

I hope you can be part of our journey! Call us, or come see us at 470 Banks Rd!

Simon Lutsenko