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Make sure all the vanities and pieces of your kitchen are included – so you can compare quotes for the same amount of work, and the same material. Over the years, we have seen many customers select a fabricator based on price, only to find out that a bartop was missing, or there was no backsplash included, or an entire vanity wasn't in the quote.

  • At Absolut, every one of our quotes includes a drawing of the countertops in your quote showing: polished edges, sink locations, and backsplashes.
  • Our quotes DO NOT include removal of existing countertops unless specified. Typically, we have a 3rd party complete the removal and disposal of existing countertops.
  • Apart from mounting sinks (undermount sinks only), we don't do any plumbing. All faucets and drains must be disconnected (we highly recommend using caps on faucet hose turncocks) when the removal crew arrives. We do not connect or install any plumbing fixtures after completion. Should you require a plumber, we would be happy to recommend someone for you.




The best place to ask this question is in our showroom. We handle, cut, polish, install and remove all varieties of solid countertops for a living – it is in our best interest to direct you to the most suitable material for your counters and we will educate you in the differences and possible care required for the countertops you select. At the end of the day, if something goes wrong with your countertops, you have the confidence that after overn 10 years of business, we will be here to help you!

Whether it's granite, marble, quartzite or exotic natural stone, or quartz, porcelain or glass composite – we deal with virtually all the material suppliers available:




There are fabricators that will do a good job fabricating countertops by hand – we started that way over 10 years ago. The knowledge about fabricating stone by hand is indispensable to our operation today.

However, after the sizable investment we made into CNC technology – there is no looking back! To cut out a sink opening; shape and polish it to a perfect dimension by hand takes years to learn and even then, it will never compare to the perfection of a CNC.

And what a CNC does to seams! Each side of the seam is dressed by the CNC (removing all the surface chips from the saw that cut the material originally) - our installers are able to make a seam virtually disappear!

Some slabs can vary in thickness, some upto 1/4”. If two pieces of varying thickness are seamed, the seam is visible from the face of the countertop. CNC technology allows us to grind the overhangs of your countertops to equal thickness – resulting in smooth undersides of counters and beautiful seams. This is saying nothing of curves, and countertops with unique shapes!

Your investment of thousands of dollars into new countertops is something that is seen and touched by guests, friends, and family whenever they are in your kitchen. Choosing a fabricator that has CNC precision is a smart choice!



We will need your kitchen cabinet layout or your completed counter top measurement worksheet so that we can provide you with a detailed quote. We provide a detailed quote showing every piece that is included in your quote to ensure we haven't missed any of your counters!

When you are satisfied with material choice and price we provided you, you will need to approve the quote with a signature and issue a deposit. This allows us to secure your material and schedule your countertop project into our fabrication schedule.




Shortly before your project is to be fabricated, our team will contact you to arrange a template visit, and make a template of your countertops.

Pre-template Checklist:

  • The area of your countertops must be cleared of any obstructions on the entire surface of the countertops for templating.
  • All sinks, soap dispensors, r.o. filter dispensors, instant hotwater dispensors, as well as stove and cooktop specifications, must be available upon template. (It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the sink ordered will fit into the sink cabinet - please review the sink size before ordering your new sink. If you have any questions, please consult your builder or a member of our sales team.)




Our fabrication facility is equipped with the finest in CNC technology, producing perfectly fitted seams, precise edges, perfect radius work, and digitally precise sink cutouts. We have digital nesting technology to perfectly match patterns in exotic materials as well as some of the valley's best artisans who complete our custom hand-fabricated edge work!



On the week your countertops are scheduled to be fabricated, our team will call you to confirm an install date and time. Our installation teams are trained to use the latest in installation equipment. Average installs take our installers approximately 2 hours to complete. Please be sure that you have prepared for the arrival of your countertops:

Pre-installation Checklist:

  • Please ensure cabinets beneath sinks are cleared of contents, all old counters and plumbing have been removed before installers arrive.
  • Before our installers arrive, please clear the path from your driveway to the destination of your countertops so that our installers can utilize the installation equipment easily. The pathway needs to be cleared of ice and snow, and any items (especially items of value such as sculptures, appliances and electronics) that may be in danger. For liability reasons, our installers have been instructed not to move any articles at customer's homes.

When a date for installation is confirmed by our team, we will send you an invitation to pay the balance of your invoice through our online transaction module on our website. This payment is not due until the completion of your install, but we really appreciate your timely response to this invitation online or in person at our showroom.




It's important to us here at Absolut that we hear from you after your countertops are installed. We work hard at making quality and service a habit, and it's nice to know when we are reaching that goal!

Would you respond to our invitation to provide us with a positive review after we have completed your installation? Today, customers base their purchases on reviews and it's important to us that people looking for new countertops know that our customers are happy!



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